125+ Lists, Activities, and Journaling Prompts to Create Happiness in Your Life + Work


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Unlike your favorite cocktail or mocktail, there is no standard recipe for happiness.

+ When discussing happiness in relation to our careers, we can get stuck talking about so-called ingredients.

+ We talk about salaries, job titles, promotions, and the ever-so-elusive idea of "success," but are we missing the point altogether?

+ We all know that money can't really buy happiness and that, sometimes, when we reach our biggest goals, we feel...nothing.

What if real happiness is the missing ingredient from your career cocktail?

If you’re rolling your eyes, think about it. What if you could feel content, enriched, and proud of your work?

Would you be happier at work if it felt like you were making a difference in the world?

How does your career align with your personal values?

Are human relationships, especially in the age of remote work, really all that important?

We created Happy Hour, our first workbook-only course, to help everyone reflect on their happiness—and how to build (or rebuild) a career that matters to you.

With this workbook, we want to help you identify and create a career that keeps you engaged, fulfilled, and smilier than ever.

+ Does your career align with your personal values?

+ Does thinking about your work make you more likely to smile in pride or frown in despair?

+ When you think about a career that really suits you, what does it look like?

+ Do you like your coworkers, and does it really matter whether or not you work alongside folks with similar goals?

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, watch the video below.


+ Looking forward to your work

+ Ditching misconceptions about the “secret sauce” to a happier life

+ Feeling connected and aligned with your colleagues

+ Focusing on what happiness looks like to you—and only you

+ Not constantly feeling like you had to chase the “next big thing”

+ Waking up well-rested by prioritizing sleep (because sleep is a huge, huge deal)

+ Sunday Scaries going away for good


+ What happiness means to you (and only you)

+ The common misconceptions we all have about happiness and the pursuit of happiness

+ What scientists have claimed are the three keys to happiness

+ How to assess and reassess your own happiness—and make adjustments accordingly

+ How to identify your happiness killers, and get rid of them

+ How even the smallest things can have a huge impact on your mood and your happiness

+ How to build a happy body by taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional help

+ The role sleep and deep rest have on your happiness

+ How building and nurturing relationships help your happiness

+ How to build a happy career by recognizing and prioritizing your core values

+ And much, much more.


+ A 40+ page workbook full of interactive worksheets, templates, and checklists to help you create an ongoing practice of building and sustaining a career and lifestyle rooted in happiness.

+ Science-backed lessons detailing takeaways from the most comprehensive studies on happiness

+ Customizable surveys and written exercises to help you create a foundation of happiness and contentment to build upon.

+ For a limited time receive a suite of 52 Happiness Cards with exercises to practice getting happy in your personal and professional life. These cards can double as great team builders for your colleagues!


Happiness is at the core of any successful career and organization. Happy employees are less stressed, avoiding many emotional and physiological problems over time.


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+ A 40+ page workbook full of interactive worksheets, templates, and checklists to help you build a happiness plan customized to you ($150 value)



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