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    Source: Indeed

    Let’s start with some impressive numbers about confidence in the workplace.

    According to a study by Indeed, 98% of workers say they perform better when they feel confident.

    96% of respondents are more likely to stay at a company when they feel confident.

    94% of workers say they are happier when they feel confident at work.

    Confidence is the key to success in your professional life and your personal life. Why?

    Confidence feeds into happiness, creativity, ambition, job performance, and upward mobility.

    What’s more? Confidence is proven to be infectious. By bringing your confidence into the workplace, you’ll be effortlessly spreading all of the above.

    But how do you cultivate real confidence? Let’s start by talking about what definitely does not help to build confidence.

    + You're too afraid to speak up for fear of “looking silly” or “saying the wrong thing.”

    + You constantly undermine your own expertise and skills by using weak language or qualifying statements (ie. Does that make any sense?)

    + You constantly second-guess yourself and find it near impossible to make a solid decision on your own.

    + You surround yourself with negative people.

    + You stay in jobs or situations that aren’t good for you or your professional growth.

    Do any of these sound familiar? If so, watch the video below.


    Confidence is a crucial tool on the road to success.

    It’s true, some of us are naturally born with more confidence than others, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be built. Quite the opposite, actually.

    Confidence lapses happen in different areas of our lives for different people. Someone who is a confident rock-climber—who can literally climb 1,000 feet into the air—might find themselves completely blocked by the prospect of giving a three-minute presentation.

    Confidence can be broken down into inner confidence and outer confidence.

    Someone who might have mastered outer confidence might find themselves in a war with internal impostor syndrome.

    Conversely, someone with great inner confidence might struggle with conveying that on the outside.

    The good news? Building one will help strengthen the other.



    + Differentiate between “inner confidence” and outer confidence”.

    + Identify the entire “Confidence Family” including the cousins of confidence.

    + Identify common anti-confidence habits—and how to avoid them.

    + Deal with Impostor Syndrome, when it tends to creep in, the damage it can do when left unchecked, and how to shut it down.

    + Utilize Power Moves (small, medium, and large) in order to cultivate a lasting confidence.

    + Quietly cultivate your inner confidence while outwardly projecting outer confidence.

    + Celebrate failure (yes, really!) and cultivate a growth mindset.


    + 3 step-by-step video tutorial lessons to identify different types of confidence, create your own steps to achieve confidence, and tools to help your confidence “stick”

    + 30+ page workbook full of interactive worksheets, templates, and checklists to help you create an actionable plan—at your own pace

    + A 21-day confidence plan that will provide you with actionable ways to improve your confidence. The best part? You can use this plan over and over

    + Our signature Confidence Calendar to take you through the 21 days with exercises, plans, check-ins, and more

    + A repeatable set of processes to fight off lapses in confidence, specific confidence game plans, and more than 100 specific Power Moves to get you going

    + A certificate of course completion + a step-by-step guide on how to list it on your resume and LinkedIn

    + Our very own Confidence Glossary to help you define everything related to confidence

    + Dedicated reflection templates to chart your progress and create new confidence goals


    Close your eyes and imagine the most impressive person you’ve ever met. How did they take up space in the room? What kind of language did they use when speaking about themselves and about others?

    The most impressive and successful people in the world are steeped in confidence—or they’re just great actors.

    Whatever the case may be, confidence is important—and it’s infectious.

    Confidence is also the #1 enemy of impostor syndrome—which commonly leads to three things that stall our careers: overthinking, second-guessing, and understating successes while exaggerating failures.

    Confidence leads to motivation and action. It helps you overcome fear and anxiety so you can take action and make fearless moves at work.


    And don’t take it from us.

    Here are some transformations from real-life students.


    + 3 step-by-step video tutorial lessons that include screen shares and helpful graphics so you define confidence, identify weak points in your confidence, and build a repeatable game plan to ensure confidence longevity. ($150 value)

    + 30+ page workbook full of interactive worksheets, templates, and checklists to help you create an actionable plan to take at your own pace. ($100 value)

    + Our signature Confidence Calendar, to take you through your confidence crunch, one day at a time. ($100 value)

    + An Impostor Syndrome Worksheet that will help you overcome feelings of self-doubt. ($80 value)

    + A How to Deal With Failure Guide that will have you bouncing back from failures faster than ever ($80 value)

    + In-depth advice on cultivating confidence that lasts.

    Total Value: $510

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